Who is Shinta Benilda

I teach Indonesian in Canberra, and a broadcaster for the Indonesian radio program at CMS 91.1 FM Canberra, love social media, public speaking, fashion and chick flicks. I have a degree in economic management from Pelita Harapan university in Indonesia and Masters of Southeast Asian Studies & Asian Studies from the National University of Singapore and the Australian National University. I like things to be tidy, nice and warm. I can’t stay put and always love trying new things (hence the fascination of taking courses – currently I’m trying swing dancing). I love shoes and e-books. Heaven for me is warm weather, smell of the red earth, morning dew, a cup of tea/decaf coffee, and reading a wonderful e-book in a quiet location.

10 thoughts on “Who is Shinta Benilda

  1. dear,

    maafmba saya membaca cerita tole kok badan sekakan merinding, merinding dalam arti jalan cerita yang sangat real dan membangunkan semangat saya untuk belajar keras,tapi sayang ending nya kurang bagus mbak. hee…

    mba ni nick saya barangkali kita bisa ngobrol di YM, oh yah mba saya rencana ke australia juga kurus bahasainggis, dimana yah ?

    saya mahasiswa PAsca sarjana UGM.



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  3. Shinta,apa kabar? Aku lg di sydney nih sampai tgl 22 pagi.barangkali shinta juga lg di sydney dan bs ketemuan 🙂 ini no telp aku : 0487375049

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