Arzak in San Sebastián

8 August 2014


Time flies so quickly when we are having fun. It has been 5 years now since The Husband & I got married in Bali.

For our wedding anniversary this year, we gave ourselves a treat by going to a three Michelin stars restaurant called Arzak in San Sebastián, Spain. The last time we went to a three Michelin stars restaurant was two years ago at Guy Savoy restaurant in Paris for our 3rd wedding anniversary in France.

The restaurant building was simple and low profile.


We were the first to get there at 8.20 PM. Our booking was for 8.45 PM. Not long after we came, some other couples arrived as well.


The chef at work:


When we came in, they asked us our reservation number. I didn’t have one and I told them that we got an email from them and showed it. Apparently the email was saying that they were fully booked that evening!! I told them it was our anniversary dinner and the email was in Spanish, I thought it was just to confirm our booking. We were told to wait for 10 minutes at the bar and they’ll see what they can do for us.

I took photos of the interior and the Husband with a Michelin symbol.



Whilst waiting they gave us some drinks and in about 10 minutes they came and told us our table was ready.

We opted for a tasting menu. The Husband had the pescatarian option and I had the meat eater option.




The food in Arzak was top all the restaurants we have been so far! It was amazing to the last drop. The Husband even wanted to lick the plate off!!! Too bad we could not to that in this fancy restaurant.

These are some photos of the food:








The wine selection was amazing. It ranges from €25 to €6000. We told the Sommelier that we like something sweet and he suggested the fruity wine for €28 a bottle. Maybe he saw that we were not the kind of people who would like to spend hundreds of dollars on wine.


The service was good, attentive, quick and not pretentious. The wait staff spoke in Spanish with me and in English to The Husband. We like the service here better than at Guy Savoy. Maybe because it was less formal and they spoke with a simple language that we can understand. I remembered at Guy Savoy, we were asked “what kind of palette do you like?” and the waiter gave us 15 min to think about it. Too hard for simple people like us who only like good food without the snob of foodie language terms.

Half way during the course, Elena Arzak, one of the best female chef in the world came in to our table. She spoke good English. She told us that she loves Australia. She said Australians and Spanish are similar in term of food appreciation. She was in Australia on the invitation of Master Chef. When I told her that we are from Sydney, she said she has a brother there named Tetsuya!! She mentioned all the famous Australian restaurants in Sydney & Melbourne. It was quite impressive how she remembers all of them.

And of course I asked her for a photo:


After dessert, the head chef, Juan Mari Arzak, came to our table. He doesn’t speak English but he got one of the staff came along and translated for him. I spoke with him in my limited Spanish. He seemed very happy that I tried. He told us that he has a son named Tetsuya in Sydney. 🙂

We took a photo with him on the way out of the venue at around 11.45 PM.


I think it was really worth the price to go and try Arzak at least once in a life time. Great food created by the chefs who love what they are doing. Todos muchissimo ricos!


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