The Beach & Salsa in Malaga

Sunday, 20 July 2014

I spent the whole day on the beach. I went at around 10 AM and got back to Club Hispanico at around 5.45 PM.

The beach was not the best beach but it was still nice. I rented a sunbed for €3 at a place called Picasso, near San Antonio hospital.




For lunch, I had some seafood. Almost everything that I ordered in this restaurant were too salty! Except the nice tinto el Verano (a red wine with lemonade drink).


In the evening I went out for salsa dance by the beach with some friends from school and the school’s salsa dance teacher.






It was not a proper dance club, just a restaurant and we only danced with the teacher, one male students and maybe two friends of the teacher. I had a good time & learnt some moves that I’ve forgot.

We got back around midnight and according to the teacher, a usual Salsa dance clubs in Malaga won’t start until around 1.30 AM!!


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