Learning Spanish – Day 9

Thursday, 17 July 2014

In the morning we learnt the future tense IR + a + ir/er/ar from Javier. I felt that we learnt something useful with this tense. I can now ask someone on what are they going to do tonight (que vas a hacer esta noche) and answer the question.

At 10.30 AM we had Rodrigo. He is a really nice teacher. He has been to Bali and sometimes he wears Batik. It was kind of nice to see someone actually knows a bit about Indonesia in this part of the world. We did some work on the workbook and learn expressions such as
+ todo el mundo (everybody)
+ muy poca gente (few people)
+ casi nadie (almost no one)

Macarena taught us at 12.40 PM and we had spoken activities. We talked about our countries’ customs and traditions. When asked what Australians’ food, what I can think about was only BBQ and my classmate from Germany said, all over the world BBQ is a tradition especially in Summer time. So it made me thinking what is actually an Australian thing? Eating hotdogs and beers when watching footy maybe? I’m not so sure really.

I asked Macarena what is her favorite online shop, she said she does not shop online bacause she has heard so many bad things happened with online shopping here from her students. Nevertheless, she said privalia.es is one of the most popular sites to buy clothing here. I also asked her where are her favorite shops in Malaga. She said that she likes Strandivarius, Berska, Blanko, and Pull & Bear. I haven’t been to those shops before. I should check it out sometime.


In the afternoon we had spoken sessions with Maria-Jose. She is lovely and very friendly. We talked about our countries. She asked me a lot of questions about Indonesia. The class was shocked when I told them that Indonesia has 250,000,000 people! We also talked about religion. I learnt a lot about European countries from my classmates. Now I want to visit their countries someday.

I got enough of the noise

The admin personnels in the school are very helpful. I went to see one of them to ask whether I can change my accommodation into something else. This is mainly because I can’t stand the noise here.

It’s horrible maybe because summer school is on. Those young people needs to respect other people’s space.

Someone who stays next to my room seems like to redecorate his room by moving furniture in the wee hours in the morning. WTF!

There are three options of accommodations in Malaca Instituto.

1. Club Hispanico. This is an in-campus accommodation. It’s like a hotel. The good thing about staying at this place are,
+ it is in the school complex and basically it’ll only takes 2 minutes to go from your room to the classroom
+ it has room service who cleans your room everyday and change the sheets and towels
+ most important thing is it has wifi 24 hours a day
+ it has a common laundry room for you to use. You need to pay 2 Euros for using the washing machine and 2 Euros for the dryer.

The bad things about this place are,
+ no common kitchen. When I first came I asked whether is there any microwave that I can use somewhere. The reception told me that I can use the one in the restaurant and when I went there, the people in the restaurtant told me that I’m not allowed to use their facility or bring food from outside there. It’s annoying because the room does not have any kettle or anything except a fridge.
+ the noise is horrible. Especially when the French summer school kids were around. They were the worst kind! They were loud, smoking, and talking in French until 3 AM in the morning. Come knocking on people’s door for no reasons in the wee hours at night. Some of my friends got a random calls to their rooms at around 3AM for nothing.

2. Apartments. Normally people shares this with some other students. It is located within walking distance to the school. Some of my friends told me that it takes them between 10 to 20 minutes to walk to the school. The people whom I talked with are happy about their choice. Many of them said that the apartments were very spacious. It has a kitchen and full facilities. They don’t have any cleaners and one most important thing is they don’t have a Wifi.

3. Host families. The good thing about staying with the host family is you can talk more in Spanish when you get home. This is presumable that they have a good and friendly host family. Some places have Wifi and you can ask the school about this. They are more expensive than staying at a cheap room at the Club Hispanico. It’s normally takes more time to travel to school if you live with the host family.

The admin said she’ll recalculate my payment then she’ll let me know soonest.


In the afternoon, I went to the gym as usual and went to a mall called El Corte Ingles to get some groceries.






And I studied for tomorrow’s test.


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