Learning Spanish – Day 10

Friday, 18 July 2014

Today is the test day. Yikes! I now know how my students feel about the test. The good thing is we had our home room teacher, Amalia, all day today. It was nice to have her. Sadly she is going for a two weeks holidays to Italy starting next week. We do not know who is going to replace her yet.


The test was according to Amalia, muy muy muy muyyyyyy facil (which was very very veryyyyy easy). It has 60 multiple choice questions. We were given one hour to complete the test and some of my classmates finished within 30 minutes. For me, the test was not super easy, it was even difficult for me to do. So many choices and I kept changing my mind everytime I reread my answers. At the end I got 68 %. I still passed the test according to the school standard but not passing the test according to DFAT standard. At DFAT, the pass mark is 75%.


We also did some activities like writing postcard to one of the classmates. I had to write for my classmate from Switzerland. Amalia than corrected our work in class.


Today was the last day of two of our classmates. We took a class photo:


For discussion class we had a teacher named Maite. Apparently we had her on our first day at school. I complitely forgotten about this. We played a game by using the verbs Voy a + ar/ir/er. I enjoyed her class because it was a really good guided sessions where everyone has a chance to talk about something. She told someone off if they talk too much and gives more chance for others to talk more. I found this is a difficult technique to master as a teacher. In a group of students, there was always someone who is more talkative than the others.

In the afternoon, I went to the gym for my Zumba class and I went shopping at El Corte Ingles. I bought a red La Pliage Longchamp bag and
a pair of pants there. I then went to the main shopping district. One of my teachers said that it’s a good time to buy shoes now because of the Summer sale. I bought a pair of leather sandals from one of the shops here.


After that, I caught up with one of my classmates, who finishes study today. We went to a Turkish themed tea salon. I had a very interesting meal. It was a sweet outside and savory inside chicken pie called pastella.








Some photos of Malaga & what some of the shop sells here:




Learning notes:

+ exams are scary, even though it is not really important, just a weekly thing
+ I am still struggling with verbs. My friends who are studying at a higher levels said that it’s normal and they are still struggling as well.
+ I am still trying to find ways to remembers the vocabulary. I keep making mistakes and using the wrong vocab when I speak. It creates a lot of confusion.

Teaching notes
+ Guided conversation is a really good exercise when it is managed well.
+ Giving students multiple choice test is a good idea.


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