A visit to Antequerra

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Antequerra is a town about 1 hour away by bus from the school. It has a very interesting stones mountain called El Torcal.

I went there with an organised tour by the school. I paid €35 for the trip.

The views along the way was nice, the El Torcal itself was nice but the town was pretty boring.



The timetable of the tour more or less was:
9 AM (9.30 Club Hispanico time) – left for Antequerra

10.30 ish:
Went up El Torcal, sight seeing for about 10 min, sitting in a coffee shop for around 30 min & went to a church. They saw us a video on how the church was built.




Some photos from the church visit:




1.30 ish – free time until 3.20 pm

We had lunch in a local restaurant. The food was really nice.



Then we went to see shelters built in Manga time.



We arrived at the school around 6 pm.

It was worth it to see Antequerra. I’ll be coming back with The Husband when he comes to Spain in August.

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