Learning Spanish – Day 8

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

It seems like our usual teachers were all having a break from our class today.

In the morning we had a male teacher, his name was Augustin. He was more strict than the others. He taught us a lot of grammar.

We learned the grammar “Hay” which is like “is there/there is-are” in English, modals “Tener+que” as well as “Deber”.

Then we had Macarena at 10.30 AM. She explained the concept again with a bit of English which helped a lot. Now I can understand more about the concept that in the earlier session. We practice more about it as well. She gave us some clues on how to recognise which grammar forms to use in sentences.

At 11.40 we had a new teacher. His name was Javier. He is very sweet and soft spoken. He taught us the concept “Hay+que” and vocab for parts of the body.

In the afternoon we has speaking session with Maria. Only me, the Russian guy and a German girl were there. We played guessing games. I feel I did not participate as well as I would like to because of my lack of Spanish vocab.


In the evening I went to a Tapas tour in the city which was organised by the school. We had to pay €16 Euro and got a glass of Malaga’s port and eat so much tapas.

Here are some photos from the Tapas tour:











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