Learning Spanish – Day 7

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


We had Amalia again in the morning. It’s always good to have her early in the morning because she is very enthusiastic. I need someone like her to lift my spirits up. She taught us the verbs “Tener” and practice to differentiate it from the “Estar” verbs.

What works the most for me in this session was when we played guessing games using photos of famous people whilst practicing what we’ve learnt before.


At 11.40 AM we had Luisa and she taught us the house & content related vocab. We had to draw our own place and described it to our partner and then she asked whose place we like the most.


In the afternoon we had guided speaking class with Maria Jose. She is nice and very enthusiastic. We asked her a lot of questions such as where in Spain is good to go for holiday.

She said in Andalucia she likes Granada the most, followed by Sevilla and Cordoba. She said Toledo near Madrid was also worth a visit.

Learning notes:
– I feel we don’t have enough practice for each subject. For example the topic on the household items was only taught for one hour. So it doesn’t really stick in my brain.
– with more grammar learnt, I am more self conscious and getting more confused on which one to use when speaking with people.

Teaching notes:
– Important steps in teaching a concept / ideas are:
1. Teach the vocab first
2. Teach the expressions how to use the vocab in daily life. I.e for household items set; where can I buy mirrors around here, is there any second shops selling second hand washing machine, etc.
3. Get the students to practice them in pairs or in one-on-one class, create different set of scenarios to use the vocab.

– always remember that a speaking session means that the students need to speak not you. They need to learn to form questions and express ideas. Try to limit speaking time for each student in a way so everyone has the chance to speak, not only the one more talkative in class got to speak.

In the evening, I went to see a Flamenco dance performance at a restaurant in a city centre. The restaurant is called Restorante Vino Mio.A friend from the States was nice to booked it so I can just came along with her.

The food was nice and the main was around €13-22. It is considered cheap because we had two hours live entertainment included.





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