Learning Spanish – Day 5

Friday, 11 July 2014

In the morning sessions, I had Amalia again. I really like her. She is my favorite teacher so far. We learnt about the days of the week, making possessive sentences (such as my ring, etc), and learnt the “I love you” term in Spanish.


I asked some of my classmates to write what’s the I love you term in their language. The Russian term is the most difficult for me! 🙂


Rodrigo was my next teacher, we did some vocabulary games where he told us a letter then we had to write down names of a person, country, city, colour, fruits and food that starts with that letter.

For example, for the letter F, I got:
Fakfak (a town in Papua, Indonesia)

In the afternoon session, it was only me and the Russian guy in class. It was awesome because we can chat more and learn more. We had a new teacher & her name is Anna. She is the youngest teacher that we had so far. We practice more about the phrase “Te gusta…” (Do you like…) and “Me gusta…” (I like…).

After class, I felt so tired and had a two hours nap. I was late for my Zumba class and went to a cycling class instead. It was awesome!


Since it was Friday, I went to the city centre. The shops here are having their summer sale on. I bought a gym bag from Mango for around €12 and here is my shopping haul from today:


I had dinner so late, maybe around 9 PM. It didn’t feel late because there were so many people and days go longer in Summer. At least I practice ordering food and chatted with the waiter at the restaurant in Spanish.



Some photos of Màlaga city centre:





There were some protest happening in the city centre about Gaza.


This is the flower of Màlaga called Biznaga. It’s like jasmine:


Learning notes:
– Too many words!!
– it’s not easy and Friday is the hardest because I just feel tired.


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