Learning Spanish – Day 4

Thursday, 10 July 2014

At home in Sydney or when I was working in Canberra, I used to spend a good 45 minutes to one hour to get ready. Here, as a student, I don’t really care how I look and generally I only spend about 10 minutes to get ready. My “uniform” is easy, shorts, t-shirt and my converse shoes.


It’s day four of leaning Spanish and I feel so overwhelmed with the amount of words and expressions that I need to learn. I just feel that I never study enough to be on top of things.

In the morning, we had Amalia and she taught us the -AR, -ER and -IR verbs.

After learning how difficult Spanish is compared to Indonesians, I think there will be no reason for my students to complain how difficult Indonesian is.

According to my classmates, Spanish is much easier than their native language of German, Russians and Slovakians.

After Amalia’s class, we had a new teacher that we haven’t seen before. His name is Augustin. He taught us more vocabulary.

Then at 11.40 AM we had Yolanda. She can remember our names! It was quite impressive. She taught us about addresses and speaking practice.


The last session of the day was with Jose. I always like the last session because it’s the guided speaking session.

Students at Malaca Instituto can choose how many hours per week they want to learn. I took the highest amount of time which is 30 hours per week. They call this super intensive class.

I’m glad to take the super intensive class because I really like the afternoon session. It’s the guided speaking time. And it’s more fun than leaning grammar for sure!

My classmates speak a lot of languages!! They speak at least 4 languages, the winner was a Russian guy with 6 languages actively spoken.


After class I went to the gym for a dance class. It’s almost similar with the house dance class that I go to on Saturdays with Nathan from The Future Dance. I think Nathan did it better because he breaks the moves to smaller sections and he is very enthusiastic about his dance.


At the gym, I found a good way of exercising and learning Spanish at the same time. I sat on one of the stationary bikes and watch Spanish Telly with the caption on. I barely understand a thing but I do recognizes some words.


When I got back to the accommodation, I feel a bit guilty because I spent too much time away from studying. I decided to catch up with my study and went to the library at the school. I was there until 9 PM just organising my quizlet flash cards and revising at the same time.



Learning notes:
– I feel so much behind on my study because I can’t remember the words and expressions well.
– it is very important to update or making flash cards from day one so it is easier to revise.
– I don’t know how can I remember using the verbs well and I feel a bit frustrated about this.

Teaching notes:
– The pace of teaching here is faster than what I normally do at home. Maybe because most students are very talented with languages so it seems like a normal pace for European standards.
– It is a good idea to quickly check students’ vocabulary knowledge everyday.
– Students like to practice more than listen more.


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