Learning Spanish – Day 3

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


We had a very enthusiastic teacher in the morning. Her name is Amalia. She is very passionate and funny. She taught us verbs -AR and we had heaps of practice using the verbs in class.

The second teacher was Rodrigo, he taught us the adverbs of time and we learnt food vocabulary. He brought a tub of food props to teach the vocab.


The last teacher was Maria. We learnt about occupation and we had a guessing game. She devided the class into two. First we had to work out the answers of the questions given and then asked the questions orally to the other team. Each team has 1 minute to answer. We can collaborate, look up the answers on the internet if we want to as long as no English spoken in class. The main point was to practice our pronunciation and understanding. It was so much fun! Oh, our team won by one point. 🙂



I learnt more about my classmates today. One is from Bocholt, one from Tihvin and one from Ostrava. It is very interesting to see how European seems to know places in Europe very well and they talk about a place as if they live there. People always think Sydney is the capital of Australia. I feel like we are so far off from everyone and no one really cares about us here. They love Australia, they hear that Australia is beautiful and Australians are nice but beyond that, none.

Australia has to be closer with Asia and let Asians know Australia better. Europe has it’s own community already and we are just to far to be consider as a part of it.

One thing I was surprise of was my classmates hate the French. They said they are snob, only want to speak French, only talk among themselves and they “blocked” the pool. It just means that the pool in here is full of them.

After class, I went to my first Zumba class here. It was awesome!! The instructor knows the song very well and created some moves that I never done before. All the instruction were in Spanish and it makes me remember my number 1 to 8 better.

When Zumba finished, I went to the pool, I did some laps at the slow lane and went to the jacuzzi part. I chatted with some old ladies there. It was great because she kept talking so I can just listen and guess what she was saying. I think she was talking about her son has 3 beautiful apartments down the coast and went on and on about how great her son is. She told me about the hot pool on one level up so I went there and it was awesome!! The gym has 7 pools in total. They have different temperatures from icy cold to a really hot one. They put the sign on how long is the recommended time one spend in each pool. I was at the gym until 8 PM!

It is summer time in Europe and in a coastal area like Málaga, it’s like a party time. I never went out this late before but when I walked down the street, people were out and about.

Here are some photos that I took:







One bad thing happened today. I just found out my bag was torn. It seemed like someone was trying to slit my bag open with a knife.


Learning notes:

– I’m so glad that I feel things slowly come to places. I can speak a few sentences in full and proper Spanish!
– I feel more confident in Speaking now.
– Feel worry about using the correct grammar in speaking. This caused some hesitation because I need to think longer.
– Still struggling in memorising vocabulary.
– I feel I haven’t found a way to study effectively and efficiently yet.
– I feel guilty to do something else that I like to do because it keeps me away from studying. But I am still doing it anyway.

Teaching notes:
– Using the same vocabulary over and over is very effective in making the words stick.
– being enthusiastic of the subject taught is super important to make the students interested in it too.


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