Indonesian Groceries & Food Stall In Sydney – Seahorse Brothers In Campsie

15 March 2014

Someone mentioned this Indonesian groceries and food take away shop a few weeks ago to me. Normally, I always go to White Lotus in Kingsford.

This place is a bit far, around 30 min drive from Woolloomooloo. The allure is the variety of Indonesian homemade takeaway food.

The shop name is:
Seahorse Brothers
Address: 16 Ninth Avenue, Campsie
Phone: 02 9787 9122

Google gave a wrong address which is at 128 Beamish street in Campsie, which was the Chinese grocery shop in the corner of Beamish st & Ninth Ave.


I didn’t browse around inside the grocery shop because I was there for the food. But it seems that they sell a lot of products from Indonesia.


When I went in to the shop, I asked where are the take away food and the shop keeper told me that they moved it upstairs. I didn’t get it and they showed me to go to the next building to their right then go up the stairs. There was a room opened and it was full of Indonesian food. I got so exited and spend a bit too much.

These are some of the food they sell there:














This food stall only happens every Saturday from 11.30 AM. The shop it self closes at 7 PM.

I’m so happy to get Padangnese satays (sate Padang) and Padangnese style soup (soto Padang) for my dinner tonight.🙂

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