Best Eyelashes Extensions, Nails and Hair Salon in Sydney

I have been living in Sydney for almost a month now. I do some temp jobs but has plenty of spare time for my self to explore my new suburb of Woolloomoolloo and its surrounding.

In this first month, I have been looking for the best nails salon, eyelashes extension technician and hair salon in Sydney.

So far, I have no luck with the hair salons yet. I have bought 2 GroupOn and Livingsocial deals and both had been disaster. I have to say I’m not fussy with my hair. I believe hair will grow and if I don’t like the colour, I’ll change it again.

I did my last hair done in a shop in Paddington. The girls are very nice & friendly, easy to make a booking and I was happy with their job after I got it done. But after a few days, I found that they didn’t colour my hair properly so some parts are black which is the front part and the back part are still brownish. My hair become dryer than before (must be the products they use) and I had more hair falls. I also lost my expensive Korean curl. That bit maybe okay since I did it quite sometime ago.

This is my new look just after I got it done:


As for nails, there are many nails salon in Sydney especially in the CBD area. Some of them are really cheap, like $20 for shellac manicure. But so far I found the cheap salon didn’t do their job properly. They didn’t clean the nails well, didn’t push back the cuticles properly and in my case, buffed my nails so hard and left me with uneven nails surface.

Now I am really happy with my nails technicians. I go to Fleurette beauty at level 1 of Dymocks building in Sydney CBD. They are the best nails that I have been to so far in Australia. They are not cheap and I need to make appointment but they are so good. The shop is run by a Japanese lady and the technicians are all Japanese. Very polite and they treat the nails so carefully and clean it amazingly. It is really worth it to go for pedicure especially if you have a bit of rough skin on your feet.

I used to get just normal shellac manicure and pedicure from them but now I am upgrading to Bio Sculpture gel (this is like a more healthier option of gel). It lasts longer and more durable for heavy usage (I’m doing bootcamp 3 times a week now!). For Bio they charge $80 and extra $10 for French manicure. Pedicure is slightly more expensive.

The Bio Sculpture colour choices:


This is the latest nails trend from Kate Spade’s New York Fashion Week 2014. To make this style with Bio costs $105.


I have to admit that I love eyelash extensions. I used to wear fake eyelashes but after I tried on the extensions, I don’t use them anymore. I’ve damaged my lashes when I pulled out the fake lashes quickly and it takes forever for them to regrowth.

The catch with eyelash extensions are finding good technicians and it’s an expensive maintenance.

I tried eyelash extensions from Fleurette Beauty. They are good but I think it’s too expensive. They count the lashes so for refill, I did 50 lashes on each sides and cost me $100. In Canberra, my lovely technician didn’t count the lashes and just charge accordingly between $60 to $80.

Now I found a good technician who doesn’t count the lashes and did a really good job. Her main business is selling eyelashes extension products online but she does eyelashes extension on the side. She doesn’t take many clients and bookings are necessary. She is Korean and her name is Mi. Her website is The shop is located in Sussex street, Sydney CBD. She normally charge between $70-80 for refill.

I’ll post again once I’ve found a good hairdresser around here.


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