Boxing Day 2013 in Canberra

26 December 2013

I remembered when I first came to Australia, it was Christmas and Boxing Day. I didn’t understand what Boxing Day was and thought there were some sort of real boxing fight in Australia.

Fast forward 9 years later, I am a big fan of this Boxing Day. Sale is everywhere nation wide and it does feel like boxing in some parts of Australia because people are fighting for the best deal of the year.

The Husband has moved to Sydney early December and I’m based in Canberra until my contract finishes end of January. So this Christmas and Boxing Day, we’re both in Canberra to catch up with family and friends.

I went to Canberra centre today at 6.45 am because David Jones was opened at 7 am today.

I was ready with a quick shopping outfit for the day. Just wore short, top from Minimal shop, comfy Tory Burch flat and my MiuMiu cross body bag.


Just in case of uncontrolled buying, I made a list of the stuff I want to get and read this shopping “mantra” from Buy or Not to Buy.


I got a great parking spot just near the entrance of Canberra canter near L’Occitane and SABA shops.


At 6.59 AM people are waiting in front of David Jones store and the door was opened at 7 AM sharp. Compared to Sydney or Melbourne, the crowd was not so bad at all.



These are some deals from David Jones:






After David Jones, I went to Myer, LuluLemon, Review, Zara, Country Road, Forever New and SABA. Here what I found:


Some bargain hunters were scouring the box of heavily reduced discontinued items:







This top is from Country Road:






My best findings of the day was from Lululemon. It’s my favorite exercise outfit. There never be On Sale except for mid year sale and Boxing Day.




The Husband modeled the Lululemon top and short that I got him:



There were queues only in three shops;
At Mimco:


At Oroton (50% off all items):



and at Swarowski:



As I left at around 10.30 AM, there were more people has just arrived at the Canberra centre. I had a great time shopping for the good bargains. Most importantly, I got everything I need on my list on the right size, colour and a bargain price between 30% to 60% off.

Some tips if you are planning to do Boxing Day shopping spree:
1. Come early as soon as the shop opens. This will give you chance to get whatever you want in your list.

2. Have something to eat, drink your coffee before hitting the shops and bring water bottle to keep you hydrated.

3. Wear comfortable clothing and most importantly wear comfortable shoes. If you are buying clothes, wear something that is easy to take off. Maybe a slip on dress. Wear strapless bra just in case you’re trying on open shoulder clothes. If you plan to buy shoes, wear sandals with no backing or wear flip flop. Don’t wear heavy/bulky accessories. Studs earrings or small necklace are okay. Wear beige or skin colour bras and underwear.

4. If you have a list, bring your list and make sure you bought all the stuff in your list first before going to other shops.

5. Make sure you know your size in your favorite brands, this will safe you time in trying on clothes.

6. If you are planning to buy heavy kitchen appliances and bedding items, borrow a trolley from one of the groceries shops or bring your own for home.


Have fun shopping on Boxing Day.


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