Travel Note – Sydney from a different view

23 September 2013

I’ve been thinking about what special things to do for The Husband’s birthday this year.

The main thing is we have to be somewhere warmer than Canberra. At first I thought I’ll surprise him with a trip to Queensland. But schedule wise, it was not good. I was busy at work and he was even more busy than me. Plus when I checked out the tickets, it was so ridiculously expensive that we’ll pay more for one hour flight from
Canberra to the Gold Coast than a 7 hours return flight from Sydney to Bali.

So, I’ve surprised him with a trip to Sydney by staying at The Harbourside Apartments. He was happy and had a great time.

For his birthday night, we went to eat at Sails on Lavender Bay. The view was breathtaking! It was a restaurant with the best view in Australia that we’ve been to so far. The food was nice for a 14.5/20 restaurant according up the SMG Food Food Guide 2014. The service was a bit slow though. But somehow it didn’t matter because the view was so nice.

These are some photos from the trip.

On the way to Sydney we stopped for lunch at Bendooley winery near Berrima. I love the atmosphere in this restaurant. It’s a restaurant inside a bookshop or maybe a bookshop with restaurant in it. The food were great and the service was good. Staff were very friendly. We’ll go back again sometime.





These are the views that we can see from the hotel’s window:






We had a walk for about 7K from the hotel to a pastry shop in Wooloomooloo. The pastry was so nice!


Then we took a ferry to go to Manly beach from the wharf located near the hotel. I think ferry fare is so expensive. We paid A$44 for a day pass for both of us. Apparently if you go on Sundays, the pass is only $2.


Manly beach:


These are the photos from our dinner at Sails on Lavender Bay:




As for his birthday presents, he was so pampered!

The first present was a boudoir themed coffee table book. My girlfriend, Nita Strudwick from took some photos of me in boudoir themed and I made a book for it. I took this idea from another girlfriend, Mia, who gave her boyfriend something similar.

Then he got a new GoPro camera so he can take videos while riding his bike.

The third present was a Diamond Clean electric toothbrush from Phillips.

I think buying something for your male spouse is quite challenging indeed. This year, I think I nailed it. The birthday boy felt relaxed and pampered for sure.


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