Travel Note – Busan Day 2 – Haeundae Beach & Shinsegae

Monday, 12 August 2013

Finally we went to the beach. It was a hot day and truly great for the beach. We came at around 10 in the morning and rent a tent, floaty and beach mat for around 20,000 Won (A$20).



The water was freezing to my standard. No wonder people use floaty here. The people watching was great though. The Koreans do things on the beach differently than the other places that we’ve been to so far.

Some examples are:
– floaties were used by both males and females



– it’s considered normal to wear life jackets to the beach. I even saw some people wore socks to the beach.


– the floaty is great for sunbathing


At the end, we didn’t stay long at the beach. Plus, the husband thought the water was a bit yucky. I don’t blame him for thinking like that because he was born to a country with the best beaches in the world. So far I haven’t seen any beach as good as beaches in Australia. I like the beaches in Bali because the water is warmer than in Australia but in terms of the beauty, Australia is still the winner.

Haeundae beach considered ticked and done. We decided to check Shinsegae
shopping centre. It was huge!


The rest of the days in Busan was relaxing, shopping and we went to the Shinsegae Spa Land everyday! It was the best hot spring spa that I’ve been to so far.

These are some photos from the rest of the trip:








We had a great time in Korea. A lot of new experience and great shopping for a petite female like me.


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