Travel Note – Daegu Day 3 – Relax Day

Saturday, 10 August 2013

I need a relax day with not so much walking so we didn’t do much today.

Just to satisfy my curiosity, I walked around the city centre to check out what else they were selling in the shops around Daegu.

Here are some photos:






I then decided to get a pedicure. There was a nail shop very near to Novotel. From the main entrance, turn left, took the stairs to go to the underground shopping mall, turn right and you will see this nail shop. I paid 30,000 Won (A$ 30) for a pedicure and I think they did a good job.



These were the manicurist’s nails:


In the evening we had all you can eat sushi for dinner. It only costs 18,000 Won (A$ 18) for all you can eat sushi including free flow of drinks (non alcoholic), soup and bibimpab meal. This didn’t even get us one plate of sushi set at Kokoro restaurant in Canberra!





We walked around the city a bit more after dinner. Shops were closing at 10 pm. There were no more buskers sang Korean love songs on the street. The cleaners suddenly emerged and bus stops full of people queuing to go back home.

It was time for us to rest as well.


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