Travel Note – Daegu Day 1 – Anniversary Dinner

Wednesday, 8 August 2013

Today we flew Korean Air to Daegu. We returned the car back at Jeju airport and everything was good.

At Jeju airport we saw Bonsai exhibition. They were pretty awesome.




It seems like they don’t hike the price of food & drinks in Korea airports or tourist attraction. Like this noodle that we had for breakfast, it’s 5,600 Won at the airport and same thing outside as well.


The flight from Jeju to Daegu seemed to be very short. I didn’t even get to read much or finished a game of Plants Vs Zombie 2. I found this sticker system at Korean Air quite interesting.


From Daegu airport we took a taxi to Novotel Ambassador hotel in Daegu city. It costs us around 20,000 Won.

We were really impressed with the staff at Novotel. They were so friendly, helpful and most important thing they spoke really good English.



For lunch we decided to go around the town and try something different. So we had this food which we don’t know what is it except the fact that it’s not meat and really spicy even for my standard. The meal including a liter of juice costs us 14,000 Won (A$ 14).


I went to bra shopping next. I found that it’s not easy for me to buy bra in Australia because I’m so petite and even in lowest setting, the bra straps always slipped off my shoulders.

I found this shop called Sexy Cookie and it has cute bras. The shop keeper said that I have a D cup according to Korean sizing. I hope people who does boob job in Korea should be aware of this sizing difference. Maybe a D in Australian standard will be an F in Korean standard.


I also bought silicon paddings for the bra and nipples cover for wearing backless dress. The paddings were so good! It made a good cleavage.


For our fourth wedding anniversary dinner, we went to this fantastic Korean traditional restaurant and ate the Korean traditional cuisine. We were thankful for the help of Andy, the concierge at Novotel to booked us the restaurant, ordered taxi and made sure the taxi driver knows the way to go there.



We counted there were 30 different dishes were presented before us for dinner!! I wouldn’t be able to put all of them here but here are some of the dishes:






The waitress was very friendly and tried to explained the food as best as she could given her very limited English.


Great dinner for the happily married couple 🙂


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