Travel Note – Jeju Day 4 – Cheonjiyeon Falls & Walked Up Seongsan Ilchulbong

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

First of all, we need coffee! There are many coffee shops around in Korea. Some of them even claim to be the best coffee in the world. If they claim this, they must not been to coffee snob country called Australia. So far in our travel even to France & Italy, no one makes a better coffee than the Australian barrista. For Australia wide, Canberra coffee is mocked by people from other areas but it is still better than the Korean coffee.

So, we need to travel about 15 min to get coffee to the Lotte Hotel. I checked out this A$1,000 a night hotel and these are some photos:





Maybe having a Louis Vuitton shop in the hotel makes it A$ 1,000 a night worth. A friend told us that she stayed in this hotel before and the price was not that expensive. Maybe it is the high season now that’s why that can charge whatever they want.


So, we had coffee and some bread from Lotte hotel for breakfast. It costs us around A$ 20 in total. I forgot the name of the coffee shop though.

I have some problems in remembering and spelling the places name that we visited. It bugged me because I can’t seem to digest or store it in my mind somehow. Luckily I took photos of some of the places so I can hopefully write the names correctly in this blog.

After coffee, we went to Cheonjiyeon Falls in Jeju. It was packed with people.

The entry fees to many tourists attraction in Jeju seemed to be really cheap. We paid for around A$ 2 per person for this one. I like the way they didn’t differentiate between foreigners and the Korean nationals. Unlike in Indonesia where foreign passport holders have to pay almost threefold of entry fees.


The waterfall area was beautiful! It was an easy walk to the fall and The Husband got some ‘tourist attraction moment’ when some tourists asked to take photo with him.



The guy on the right was another tourist that we met there. He is from England and works as an English teacher in Korea. He said it needs a four year degree in anything to be able to teach English in here but he has another one year degree in teaching English which he thinks that helps. He said his job was pretty easy because he doesn’t have to mark or grade the students and all he has to do is to speak with them and make them speak as well.



On the way back we got to taste these gorgeous Korean wine. It was some sort of promotion by the local government. They didn’t sell the products there but we can get them from the major supermarket.


Some people rent a Korean traditional dress and took photo wearing it.


Next stop was to Seongsan Ilchulbong hill.


We passed some souvenirs shop and I took photos of some interesting products that they sold there.

These clothing materials from this shop are in muddy colour.


I also saw that they sold some stones. I don’t know what are they for.


The trip to walked up Seongsan Ilchulbong was easier than the Hallasan Mountain, the only thing that made it hard was the steamy weather. The beautiful scenery made it all worth it though.






Yay! We were at the top!!


The Husband got another “tourist attraction moment”. I found it a bit amusing because instead of taking photo of the scenery, this person took a photo with The Husband instead!


More sceneries from this place:



Next stop was the beach.

We stopped at a restaurant for lunch first. We saw a fish picture on the signage and decided to try it out. It was one of the best meal that we had.

The meal costs us about A$ 30 for two big fish!



The beach was really nice and beautiful.




Before going back to the hotel,
we went to the bath house again. I did another session of scrub with Mrs. Park.

The funny thing was, when I was in the shower with a bunch of other ladies, Mrs. Park saw me and came and started bathing me again! I thought it was a bit weird and I felt like a 3 years old again when my mum used to bathed me. Nothing much I can said except to enjoy it I guess. I came out relaxed as expected.


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