Travel Note – Jeju Day 3 – Climbed up Mt. Hallasan

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Today we went up Mt. Hallasan in Jeju. We had a quite late start because we were lazying around and just woke up as we pleased. So, we went up at around 10.30 am.


The Husband was prepared as always. He brought 1.5 liter of water & Pocari Sweat, umbrella, sushi and fruits to eat along the way. He brought along his big Nikon camera as well. I only brought my small pocket camera. I didn’t even carry my wallet or phone with me because I know, I am slow and if I carry more stuff, it will slower us down.


The track to go up Mt. Hallasan was one of the most interesting tracks that I have been so far.

It has different surfaces and different scenes from time to time.







The journey to the highest allowable point was about 3,5 hours for us. The mountain is about 1,700 m tall. I’m not sure how high we climbed though. It seemed like forever to me.

I like the fact that they always inform us where we were and there were many emergency points that we can contact to if needed.






The view along the way was really awesome! I don’t think my photos can do justice on how beautiful the scenery were.




Near the top, we had a rest and sushi for lunch. This is the view from our lunch place. Ah… all tiredness well paid off.


There were no toilet available along the way until the last allowable point. Amazingly they sold noodles, drinks & free wifi there!!







In order to climb to the top from this trail, we needed to be there before 2 pm but we arrived later than that so unfortunately we had to give it a miss.



We filled up our water bottles with fresh spring water from the mountain on the way down.


Going down seemed to be a bit easier but also tricky because it was a bit slippery due to the rain.



I was happy that I did this bush walking experience.


Before going back to the hotel, we went to a hot spring bath. It was really relaxing especially after the walk. The Korean calls this kind of sauna and bath place as jjimjilbang.


Initially we were confused about the rules because none was written in English. But somehow we get by.

Too bad I couldn’t took photo of the place because this place is full nudity.

The rules are:
1. Pay for the bath house (this includes sauna).

2. You’ll be given two hand towels for ladies. One you use for your hair and the other one to dry yourself after the bath. If you want to use the sauna/common area, they’ll give you the uniform consists of t-shirt and shorts.

3. Take your slippers/shoes to the boxes that looks like mail boxes with keys. Put your slippers/shoes there. Take the key with you and put it on your wrist or ankle (they normally attached with some kind of rubber wrist/ankle band).

4. Find your locker number, it should be the same number as your shoes locker.


5. Strip off until you completely naked. Put all your clothes inside the locker, lock it & your journey begins 🙂

6. Take a shower before entering one of the baths. Normally each bath has a temperature on it.

7. Get in to the baths. Starts from the lowest temperature and move up as you want. If I’m not mistaken the lowest temperature was 37 degrees Celsius and the highest was 42.5 degrees.

8. Once finished, wash your self again either in the shower or the sitting shower area.

9. Change to your uniform and you can go to the common room area to use the massage chair (1,000 Won), has some snooze or eat at the cafe.

10. Once done, back to your locker and get change. You can take another shower if you wish. Put your used uniform and towels in the used clothes basin. You can return your key at the reception.

I also had an assisted bath by an old lady. It’s like a scrub bath. I paid 25,000 Won for the bath and extra 1,000 Won for a cucumber face mask.

Basically, I had to lay in a shower bed naked and do nothing. This lady, Mrs. Park, scrub, soap, and more scrub all parts of my body then washed me. She also washed and shampoo my hair. The whole process took 40 minutes. It was an interesting experience indeed. I felt so clean and my skin oh so soft! Definitely will do this again.

All tiredness gone and we both felt completely relaxed when we get back to the hotel. Indeed another great day.


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