Travel Note – Jeju Day 1 – Getting a rental car & laundry in Jeju

Sunday, 4 August 2013

We flew to Jeju island by Eastar jet today. I like the interior of the plane. It is cute with the wallpaper in the plane.



Due to my shopping trips in Seoul, we were 20 kg overweight. Luckily, the overweight fee is not very expensive. It’s about A$ 2 per kg.


The other interesting thing was the air controllers waved goodbye to the passengers before the plane took off.


The flight was a bit shaky and the Husband was wondering why the pilots didn’t flee the plane above the clouds so we didn’t have to go past the clouds all the time and had turbulence because of that.


When we arrived at Jeju airport, we went straight to the rental car area.

We paid around A$ 110 per day to rent the car. And it was all worth it. I didn’t see any public transport in Jeju island. Maybe if we stay in Jeju city centre, we can catch a tour bus to go to a certain place but it will be annoying because we might have to make a stop to the tourists trap area and souvenirs shops.


It was a bit tricky to find Sixt car rental booth. As soon as we got out of the bag collection area, we saw Hertz car rental booth but couldn’t see Sixt car rental place. Sixt rental company and the other rental companies are located in a separate building outside gate 5.


In order to rent a car we need:
1. Passports
2. Driving licenses
3. International driving licenses (We paid $40 for each license and it is good to use for a year. All we need was go to NRMA shop front and bring one passport photo, pay the fee and it is done on the spot).

The rental cars area was heaving with the holiday makers.


The rental car came with a GPS system but unfortunately it was in Korean! We asked the rental staff to set it up to our hotel. It worked well.


As we didn’t know whether the GPS will work or not, I had to drive so The Husband could navigate. It was an interesting experience indeed. I tend to drive too far to the right of the lane and apparently I’m not the only one.


We went to our hotel, Nonjitmul Beach House. I am disappointed with this hotel because they charge us 270,000 Won (A$270) a night and the hotel looks like a Motel class hotel and not worth the price at all. It has a good view and big room but nothing else. Oh… they have a swimming pool which is only 50 cm deep! Maybe we got fooled by the photos that we saw at Somehow we thought this will be a really nice hotel.




Our first task today is finding a self service laundry and do some washing. We supposedly done this in Seoul but it was too much trouble because we didn’t have a car there.

We found a 24 hour laundry service after not so easy journey to find it. It was because the address in the website was not match with the address of the actual laundry. And because we didn’t speak any Korean, it makes things more difficult because we couldn’t ask people about it. I tried to use google translate but it was lost in translation because it seems that they understand (or sort of guess) what we meant to say but we couldn’t understand anything that they said back to us.



The costs for a 25 kg load of laundry was 5,000 Won (A$ 5) in a hot cycle, 4,500 Won in warm cycle and 4,000 Won in cold cycle. The dryer machine is 5,000 Won for 40 min cycle.



They have a coin changer machine.


Also a detergents & fabric softeners dispenser. It costs 500 Won for a sachet and it can be used for up to 10 kg of laundry.


There is someone who looks after the laundry and he helped us to put our laundry to a dryer and we can just pick it up after 1 hour and 20 minutes. It’s a service that we never seen anywhere else before.

So, we went to find food at around 9 pm in the evening. A lot of restaurants still receiving customers but because The Husband is a pescatarian (vegetarian who eats seafood), we had to find a seafood place. We sat down in a restaurant and when we told them that we don’t eat meat (I do, but to make it easier I don’t in most occasions), they have this look in their face that I translate as a confusion and a big “Why?”. Somehow I am so glad that The Husband at least can eat seafood, otherwise it will be so challenging to find food for him unless he is happy with Kimchi and rice for the whole journey.

We went to this fantastic raw fish restaurant that serves raw fish, raw abalone, raw other sea creatures with a lot of side dishes. We paid 60,000 Won (around A$ 60) for the feast. It was magnificent!!!



Until now, I can’t still work out what the Koreans do with raw garlic and green chillies. The very friendly restaurant owner demonstrated that we should dip the green chilli to the red chilli condiments and eat it raw. For the garlic, we should put the garlic in a leaf, put more chilli condiments, some veggies and raw fish and wrap it all and eat it.



So it was a great day with a lot of new experiences.


7 thoughts on “Travel Note – Jeju Day 1 – Getting a rental car & laundry in Jeju

  1. Hi mate, thanks for sharing your experience as a tourist travelling in South Korea. I read a lot of your blog RE: Jeju island. My wife is Korean and we will be in Korea for at least a few months this time. I was searching for the rules on care hire on Jeju and your blog appeared! Thank you for providing this information. On a side note, I must say that I admire your courage and tenacity – travelling in Korea without any Korean (language) is really tough and driving here is not an easy task! Kudos to you both!

  2. Hi there, great sharing! Were you able to walk from the terminal to the SIXT car pick-up area or did you have to take a shuttle bus from the airport?

  3. Hey cindy, great share!

    Mind sharing more about your rental experience with SIXT? Most of the reviews online aren’t too kind to them and I would like to hear your honest opinion 🙂

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