Travel Note – Seoul Day 6 – Namdaemun Market

Saturday, 3 August 2013

The first time I went to Namdaemun market was on the first night we were in Seoul. By looking of some shops that were opened at that time, I told the husband that I didn’t want to bother to walk around the shops.

I was going back to the Ewha Women University shopping again to collect my altered clothes and planned to go to Myeoungdong shopping area but lucky The Husband encouraged me to give the area a try again. I went to this Jewellery wholesale area and stayed there for more than 3 hours!!!


The Husband was not very interested and decided to go for a 38 km ride near the river area.

To go to the Namdaemun Jewellery wholesale market, it’ll be better to ask the friendly English speaking information officers in Namdaemun market.


The market is very big and divided into several sections.


Some Jewellery photos that they sold in the market:







Because it is a wholesale market, some
shops don’t accept retail buyer. Somehow I managed to persuade some sellers to sell one item only for me at their shops. The price range is from 4,000 Won (A$4) to 20,000 Won (A$20). Most items are around 6,000 Won (A$6). I am sure the price is cheaper for bulk buying and you need to buy a minimum of 30 pieces for a particular model.

I bought a bracelet for $10, the seller adjust the size for me. A good service indeed!



Despite jewellery, Namdaemun market also sells many other products. Some photos of the products are:






As for me, the costume jewellery shops are the highlight for the market.


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