Travel Note – Seoul Day 4 – Shopping in Seoul

Friday, 2 August 2013

Before I came to Seoul, I’ve done some research on places to go shopping. So, today I went to some places that have been recommended in other blogs and websites.

1. Coex underground shopping mall


I didn’t stay very long here. It was big but nothing interest me. There are some US chain clothing brand such as American Apparels but they didn’t carry good collection and there were no size for The Husband.

We tried some shops but didn’t buy anything. Generally speaking, the biggest pants size they have is 34. The Husband can’t even fit some of their large size T-shirts.

Some samples of styles that they carry in this mall:



Seriously, what kind of size can even fit this “free size” skirt? I am certainly not in the “free size” category.


The most interesting thing I found at the Coex mall was going to the music shop. They have Korean K-Pop stars faces printed on different kind of media.







Just in case you can’t sleep, maybe a printed face of your favorite K-Pop star will put you to a very deep sleep 😉


Maybe some girls got turn on just by seeing this guy pose.


I won’t be bother to go to this mall again in future.

2. Itaewon

What a waste of time. Heaps of junk stuff and looks old. Maybe I went to the wrong area but from walking around the street it doesn’t look any good.

Some stuff that they sell here:


Some souvenirs shops just like other souvenirs shops elsewhere.


I have this dress! I bought it off one of my besties at her garage sale event for A$20. She said she got it from a boutique in Indonesia. It had Indonesian labelled and somehow we thought it was batik. In this shop at Itaewon, the brand for this dress was “Hermes” with a knock off Hermes belt on it.


Maybe I will go again to this area to have western food or going to bars but definitely not for shopping.

3. Gangnam

With the hype of the Gangnam style song, somehow I expect the Gangnam area shopping street will be something like Orchard road in Singapore or Champs Élysées in Paris.


It was a very short shopping street with some shops but all high street brands. Nothing really special. Maybe I went during the day on a workweek so I didn’t spot many cool crowds there as well. Mainly tourists and rushing locals.


For Gangnam area I would say they I’ve been there, done that and not missing much if I didn’t go.

4. Ewha Women’s University Shopping Street

I am loving this area!!! They have good price, cute Korean made clothes, accessories and shoes. The clothes are well made with good quality materials.

To go to this shopping area:
1. Take green line train no. 2
2. Get off at Ewha Women University stop.
3. Take exit 2
4. Turn left to the street that goes to the university.
5. At the end of the road (when you can see the Uni building), turn left again and explore as you like.

Unfortunately if you are size 10 or more, it will be hard to find clothes that fit in this area. I am an 8 or 10. There are some clothes size M that fits me and some didn’t have my size at all. Especially the “free size” ones, I think they are size 0 or 2 (I’ve never seen this size in Australian shops).


I bought too many shoes! They have my size and it was so light.

This Polka Dot shoes was 55,000 Won (around A$55).


This one was 25,000 Won (around A$ 25)


The sports shoes was 35,000 Won (around A$ 35). They have size 10.5 for the Husband! Yay 🙂


And this one is my great finding for the day. It’s more expensive than the others. I paid around 120,000 Won ($120) for them but it was leather with plastic look in the outside and hand made.


I’m running out of photos quota in this blog post. I’ll write and post some more photos about Ewha shopping in the next post.


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