Travel Note – Seoul Day 4 – Cosmetic Shopping in Myeong-dong

Friday, 2 August 2013

Yay! It’s shopping day! Well.. I have been browsing for cosmetics and beauty products since the first day I arrived but didn’t buy a lot because I want to try the product first before making any decision.

Unlike in Australia, Korean cosmetics counters give a lot of samples. And the sales assistants are really helpful.

Korean cosmetics are so good!!! I think they are better than MAC. I’m a MAC girl. I use MAC brushes, lipsticks, and MAC everything except Touché Éclat concealer from YSL.

I said the Korean cosmetics are better maybe because I am Asian and my skin seems to respond better with Korean products.

There are so many beauty & cosmetics shops in Myeong-dong area. I think they are equally good.

Here are some photos of the shops and beauty products:




So many different types of masks for different areas of the body:









I tried on this feet mask. Lucky that I tried first before buying more. It was too time consuming! I need to put on the socks like material on my feet, pour the liquid in, let it sit and absorb for 1-1.5 hours (who has time for this?!!), rinse the feet and put on the lotion. The most annoying part is that I can’t lay down properly because if I do, the soaking water will wet my bed.


They sell many types of cosmetics as well:







Some tips to buy cosmetics in Seoul:
1. Make a list of what you need/want.
2. Try the products from different shops before buying.
E.g. if you need an eyebrow pencil, try on similar products from Tomy Moly, Shara Shara, Holika Holika, etc before deciding which one suits better.
3. The sales assistants are helpful but most of them can’t speak English so do your own research first or get another customer to translate for you. Most of the time, the English speaking customer is happy to help.
4. Give yourself a budget for cosmetics & beauty shopping. It’s really easy to get over board with this in Seoul.

Happy shopping!



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