Travel Note – Seoul Day 3 – Getting Nails Done

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Since we arrived in Seoul, I’ve been walking at least 8 hours a day. If we keep doing this, I’ll be really slim when I get back home! šŸ™‚

After the DMZ Tour (it ended at around 3.15 PM), I went to my favorite place in Seoul, Myoung-dong shopping district and the Husband went to check an electronic mall.

I decided to get my nails done and give my feet a break from walking. I went to a shop that didn’t have any English name, in the Lotteria building at level 5.


This is the name card of the shop:


I got a pedicure first:


They did pedicure a bit different than in Australia.
– instead of using a foot bath to clean & soak the feet, they used wet tissues instead.


– They had better drying machine than any Australian nails shop that I’ve been to so far. After drying, they also sprayed drying liquid to the nails. Some nails shops in Sydney do this but not in Canberra.


For manicure, they didn’t understand the concept of infills. So, I need to pay a full price as I do new nails.

First they gave me the menu to choose the design:



They took off my shellac nail polish really carefully & they even preserved the bow that I got on one of my nails.


This is the end result:


This is the design that my nail technician had on her:


I think the nail technician was really good. She was very meticulous.

A Korean girl next to me said that she booked this place a month ago. I must be lucky to get in straight away on that day!

The experience was great though. Especially I got to chat with Korean girls who got their nails done at the shop. Apparently they don’t go shopping in Dongdaemun, Itaewon or other touristic places. They said they do online shopping instead. Indeed a global phenomenon to shop online.

The total costs for pedicure, manicure & 45 min feet massage (for the Husband) was 135,000 Won (around A$ 135).

It took 3 hours and a bit because my nails design is a bit complicated.


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