Travel Note – Seoul day 2 – Getting Hair Done in Seoul

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

In my opinion, Korea is famous for their hair perming technique, beauty products (BB cream and the like), “Super Copy” branded bags and K-Pop.

Of course there are so many other things Korea are good at but it’ll be too many if I listed all here (hello Kimchi & Hyundai).

Today the husband and I both tried the hair services at Myoung-dong area. The husband was due for a hair cut. He went in the morning before we did our bus tour.

We walked along Myoung-dong streets and saw Juno Hair. We went up and asked about the price. For male cut with junior hairdresser costs KRW 25,000 (A$25) and with the senior one KRW 30,000 (A$30). We went for the cheaper option.

This is his before photo:


They consulted him on the style and helped him with the robe.


They offered me some drinks, I tried the Korean rice tea.


They washed his hair and cut them.


I didn’t stay until he finished but this is the “after” photo:


I think it was the best hair cut that the Husband ever had so far! So trendy and I like the way they styled them.

In the evening at around 7 pm, I went to Myoung-dong again to get my hair done. I tried to find the Juno hair that the Husband went to this morning but I got lost. I saw another Juno hair sign and went in. Apparently, they have 4 salons in Myoung-dong area.

I was consulted about what I want to do with my hair, I want to get my roots coloured and getting a perm. They quoted me the price and I almost had a heart attack!! It was so expensive!!

I must admit I am a bag snob. I like my expensive bags. But for hair, clothes, make up and many other things, including shoes, the cheaper the better as long as it suits my body type. I do have a pair of classic Louboutin, Prada heels, Miu Miu flats and Alaia heels. But honestly, they are not comfortable at all. I never worn my Alaia heels outside the apartment. I worn them when I dressed up cooking for the Husband sometimes or just walk around the apartment with garter on for the Husband as well. Other than that, they didn’t even met my cost per wear standard. I do love my Charles & Keith shoes though! They are the best. Relatively cheap, super comfortable (the platform ones) & the most important thing is they have my size.

Anyway, enough about shoes for now. Back to hair talk, I am low maintenance for hair. I cut my hair with my hairdresser girlfriend for $20 and I coloured with her as well for $40. The latest colour was free, my sister in-law did it for me in Bali.

When they quoted me the price, I was hesitated a bit because in total it costs KRW 438,000 which is about A$ 438!!!

If I do this, it will take a huge chunk of my spending money for this whole trip. If I don’t do this, I might regretted later in life for not having this experience. So, I decided to give it a go.


This is what it looks like from behind:


I was impressed that they were so efficient. I had two hairdressers worked on my hair almost all the time. They finished colour & perm in about 2 hours and 15 minutes! I think it was quick.

The Husband was shocked to hear how much it costs. Well, I didn’t blame him though. I am still shock now whenever I see my hair that how could I spent that much money on hair.

Anyway, I like my hair. I still can’t justify whether it worth that much until now.

This is the “after” photo taken one day after I got it permed and coloured.


Will I do this again?

Note: I didn’t proof read this post as well as my other Korea travel notes. So, for the grammar snob out there, please be ware 😉


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