Travel Note – Seoul day 2 – City Tour

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I hate it when we are on holiday but woke up too early than we supposed to. I woke up at 5.30 am, maybe because I used to fast before going for holiday so my body is still adjusting to the timing somehow.

The husband & I walked towards the Myeongdong shopping area just to get a feel of the area before we went for a bus tour.


We took a bus tour around Seoul. It was the cheapest city bus tour that we have taken so far. It costs us 10,000 Won pp or around A$10. We can hop in and hop off anytime. The tour guides are friendly and nice. It was really good value for money.

Some photos from the tour:



Somehow I found Seoul has a bit too much love. There were so many love theme around town. Love songs, love sandals, love theme souvenirs and love themed cafes. So many hearts around. I found that is cute.

In front of heart locks at Seoul Tower.



The husband always think that I like the souvenirs shop better than the places. I must admit it is true in most occasion. In Seoul tower I spent more time browsing the gifts shops than seeing the scenery.

These are some photos from the gifts shops:












And just in case someone needs an almost real size doll to bring home…



You can even make a personise key chain by putting photo of your love ones in a doll!



Taking the city bus tour in Seoul is worth the money. Some tips:

1. Do sit near a big window so you can take photos.

2. Do it as early as you can. The earliest bus is at 9 am from Myeongdong area. Sometime tickets are sold out if you do it later on the day.

3. A must place to see:
– the Changdeokgung temple & Its Secret Garden
– the Seoul tower
– the King Sajong memorial (one stop before Myeong-dong)

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