Travel Note – Seoul day 1 – Internet Access

We arrived in Incheon international airport at around 8 am on Tuesday, 30th July. We took a taxi to our hotel in Myeongdong area in Seoul. The trip took around 1 hour and we paid A$90 for it.

It’s really important to get the taxi address in Korean characters because some taxi drivers don’t understand the English version of the address.

We stay in Hotel Shin Shin. The hotel is very near to the shopping district, modern and they have nice staff.




What I enjoyed the most of this room is the toilet! I feel that my ass gets a royal treatment everytime I use them. The toilet bowl is heated, there were different types of water sprouts with different types of water setting and temperature and then you can blow dry your private parts!!


After checking in, our first task is to get Internet connection for our iPhone 5. I love checking in on Foursquare and write reviews of places that I went to and we really need google map access.

Initially the husband already ordered the SIM card online and we supposedly can get it from KBooks shop at the airport. Unfortunately they didn’t have it in stock at the airport.


We then went to the Premium Travel Centre in basement 2 of the Seoul Station. The Seoul Station is located next to Lotte Mart.

The staff there were very helpful and we got our phone and internet connection.

The husband ordered the EGSIM SIM card online for free as part of a promotion by the Korea tourism organisation. This meant that it should have been a simple matter of picking up the card at the airport and setting it up on the spot. However there were a few problems. There is an EGSIM app, which worked initially to buy credit using a credit card (you can also buy a top up card from convenience stores and enter the code). If you buy 20000 won if credit you can then spend 16500 of that on a 1gb plan. However as soon as we did that, the Internet connection cut off, and only started working again when the staff at the premium travel centre did something on their computer. They only figured that out after calling the phone company for about half an hour. Also the confirmation SMS after buying the data plan implied that the data plan would be cancelled if we didn’t buy more credit for it, which was incorrect.

After Internet sorted, we went around Lotte Mart, a Korean supermarket. I’m so impressed that they gave out samples and the sales assistants are very helpful even though we don’t speak Korean.

These are some stuff that I saw at the supermarket:


Toothbrush holder


Mask for your fingers!


I bought and try this one and loving them!! It’s like socks with some ingredients to make you feet smooth. I hate my crack heels so after I use this, my feet are so soft!!







They even have self service packing station at the supermarket.



We had a quick nap at the hotel and woke up at around 9 pm. We went to Namdaemun market. A lot of shops closed at that time but some shops are still opened. I think they sell lots of things that catered to Korean market with Korean ladies body type. I found that it’s hard to find my size (because I can’t fit the “Free” size in the Korean sizing).

Even though no shopping that night, I think the street vendor style food were awesome!! I tried the Korean rice wine for the first time. Reminds me of Indonesian’s “saguer” in Sulawesi or “air tape” (fermented rice water).






The total dinner costs KRW 35,000 which is around A$35. Not bad for a good sea food dinner.


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