Farewell & Wedding

There are two important events for me on Friday, 31st May 2013.

The first thing was a farewell to one of my besties in Canberra. She is leaving Canberra to trail along with her husband for his posting to Jakarta.

Farewell these days are not farewell like it used to be. In the old days, some people cries, weep & sob with sadness when someone important in their life is leaving. Maybe because they know they might not be able to see and hear from that person for a long time.

Nowadays, social media has changed the idea of farewell. It means we may not see each other physically anymore but I can always see what you are up to in Facebook, Path, blog posts, Instagram & Twitter.

I will definitely missed having coffees, lunches or dinner with my girlfriend. But I’m sure our Whatsapp conversation will still be happening almost everyday. I’m sure I’ll be commenting on her life events on her Path and read her lovely blog posts.

In her four years in Canberra, we had hundreds of photos together.

These are our last photos together at Canberra airport gate 11 before she departs to Jakarta:


Another photo with the family


The second thing was our friends wedding in Brisbane.

I love weddings. It always reminds me of happiness & promises. Happiness is somewhat easy but keeping promises that were made on that day were sometimes can be challenging.


The vows above are so beautiful yet it requires hard work.

Let’s see the point about patience, for example. It’s not easy for the husbands to be patience while the wives shopping for a big sale or when the wives are getting ready before going out.

Vice versa, It’s not easy for the wives to be patience when the husbands make a mess in the living room or didn’t put things away properly.

And those are just simple examples from our daily life that makes be patience to each other so difficult while getting cross with each other are so easy đŸ™‚

Promises in the form of vows are there to remind us to keep being best friends while respect each other in the hopeful journey of happy and fulfilled marriage life.

Wedding is a farewell to the single life. Farewell is keeping the good memory & laugh on the bad ones.

For me, today is a very special day indeed. One part of me will be missing my girlfriend and another part full of happiness for her new life.

I am really happy for the newlywed couples. Thank you for remind us all of the vows that we made on our wedding day.


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