Food Diary – 15 Jan 2013 (Breakky Mushrooms)

Normally in our household, it’s the Husband’s job to prepare breakfast. It’s just because he gets ready much quicker than me. And I love getting dress & doing my make up every morning.

Today, I asked him how to make his really nice Breakky mushrooms. He taught me this. Well… I almost stuffed up but luckily he came to my rescue.

1. Chop some garlic


2. Peel (optional) & cut the mushrooms. He likes his mushrooms peeled. Just a personal preference.


3. Put the garlic & mushrooms in a pan.


4. Put butter in it


5. Put the lid & wait for around 10 min until the mushrooms get soft.



This is what it looks like on my plate for breakfast. The Husband made the scramble eggs.


That’s why I did Zumba & 750 m of swimming today. For what I’ve eaten today, what went in were more than I burned. Well.. I was going to go for a run as well but got caught up watching Australian Open :).


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