Food Diary – 14 Jan 2013 (Octopus in Oyster Sauce)

I forgot to write a blog entry yesterday because othe Australian Open 2013 has begun!

The Australian Open justifies my couch potato time. It doesn’t stop me to tweeting though.

Yesterday, one of the female players was wearing a see through white top & today (15 Jan), one of the male players wore see through pants. While the games are great, the fashion mishaps are also interesting.

Anyway, I made this Asian style (maybe my style) of octopus meal yesterday. It’s easy to make & tastes good. The only down point was it took about 1.5 hours to cook so the octopus gets soft & easy to eat.

The most important part before the steps below is to put lemon juice & salt all over the octopus & let it sit for about 30 min or so. I prepared mine the night before & left it in the fridge. This is so it won’t get the fishy smell.

1. Cut onions, chili & garlic. I used my pre made chili & dried garlic (because I’m lazy). Season it with salt & vegetarian stock (it’s just because my other half is vegetarian).


2. I should have put some ginger but I don’t have it in my fridge so I put lemongrass powder instead. Just a pinch or so.


3. I put the octopus in the wok & put around 1 tbs of fish oil & 2 tbs of oyster sauce. If you think it’s not enough just adjust it to your taste.



4. Put Assam juice in it. You can buy this at Asian convenience shop.

First take a bit of the package


then put in a glass or mug, fill it with hot water


using a spoon or fork, mix the Assam with water & the water will turn to this chocolate colour


Using a strainer, put the Assam juice in the octopus meal. I also put on some lime leaves in it.


5. Because I want the sauce to be a bit thicker, I diluted a table spoon of corn starch with water & put in to the octopus meal.



Note: the colour became like this because I took out the juice from the wok instead using water.


6. Put lid on, let the octopus soften for about 1.5 hours, stir occasionally. Add more salt, pepper or anything that you like. Then add some veggies if you like.



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