Food Diary – 13 Jan 2013 (Indonesian style omelette)

I remembered when I first came to Canberra & saw the price of a carton of free range eggs at Woolies. I was shocked & as a student at that time, I couldn’t understand why people would rather pay around $6 a carton of free range eggs compared to the $2 one.

In Indonesia, almost all eggs are from cage eggs. The concept of free range eggs is what Indonesians would classified as ‘village eggs’ (telor ayam kampung). This is because the chooks in the village are roaming free & they didn’t produce as many eggs as the cage ones. The eggs are also lighter in colour & smaller. Normally Indonesians used these kind of eggs for taking ‘jamu’ (herbal medication/concoction).

Now in our household there are no other forms of eggs other than the free range types. The reason being is because we love the chooks & we don’t want to see them suffered in cages.

In Islam, we’ve been taught to respect & love the animals. That’s why the slaughtering technique for Halal meat is done in such a way in order to make the animal not suffer so much.

Australia is not predominantly a Muslim country as Indonesia but Australians treat, respect & love their animals as if they’ve been learning the Islamic compassion towards animals.

This morning, I made omelette for the Husband for his breakfast after the RPM class. It’s Indonesian style of omelette. I remembered one of the maids taught me to make this a long time ago. Well, there’s a saying in Indonesians that if one declared herself can’t cook, at least one she should be able to make omelette. So basically, everyone knows how to make omelette (telor dadar).

1. Crack some eggs


2. Cut all the things that you want to put in your omelette.


3. Put the no. 2 to no. 1. I also put a teaspoon of oyster sauce, a half tea spoon of chili condiments, salt, pepper & a pinch of vegetable stock.



4. Using a fork, stir everything until combined


5. Heat 1 or 2 table spoon of oil to the frying pan & put in all the omelette mixture


6. Make sure to flip both side of the omelette so it’s cooked. And serve it. Indonesians love to eat omelette with rice (& chili condiments).



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