Food Diary – 12 Jan 2013 (Knead Patisserie)

Since our France holiday in August 2012, The Husband has been a fan of croissants. We tried so many croissants from many different bakeries in Canberra and couldn’t get a nice enough croissant that was up to the standard that we had in France.

So, one day, at a fundraising dinner, we sat next to a French guy who married an Australian lady and lives in Canberra as well. He told us about Knead Patisserie & how he thinks that’s the closest to a real French croissant in Canberra.

Since then we’ve been frequenting the place almost every Saturday morning to get croissants & pain au chocolat from there.

The place is located inside Belconnen market & opposite a flower shop there.



Despite it’s location, they did a good job creating a different atmosphere than the rest of the shops in the market.




We haven’t tried other pastries from the shop yet but they all look good. Their croissants are the one the I highly recommend. It’s so crunchy in the outside yet so soft in the inside. Yum!




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