Food Diary – 11 Jan 2013 (Two Before Ten)

I didn’t cook at all today. Just busy doing nothing & enjoying Summer until the end of February where things are already lining up & I won’t get home until around 9.30 pm on most days.

As usual on Friday mornings, I had the PT session. It was only for 45 minutes but at the end my legs & arms were really sore.

After that I met up with some close friends for brunch at Two Before Ten.


I really like the ambience of the place. It had a “Melbourne” feel. What I mean is the design, their serving staffs & the way they present their food have unique characters.




The menu was easy to understand, not too much & uncomplicated.


The coffee & food were nice.



The only down point was the service at a certain time of day. Especially when the public servants had their morning coffee break at around 10 am.

When I came at 9.15, I was greeted with smiles by the wait staffs, they brought me waters & offered me whether I would like to order any drink.

By the time my friends & I were ready to order, it was a bad timing already & it needs extra effort to get attention from the staff.

Will I come back again? Oh yes!

In the afternoon, I went swimming at Cisac. I like swimming there because the pools are heated.

In the evening, the husband & I had a date night. We went to see Life of Pi on 3D. I hate 3D glasses! But it’s amazing to see the animation on 3D so it’s worth the pain of keep adjusting the glasses.


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