Food Diary – 9 Jan 2013 (Oishii Japanese Restaurant in Canberra)

I had a crazy dream last night & when I woke up, I felt like making some chili. I know it didn’t make sense but for heaven’s sake, I made a lot of chili!


Today was my second day back with The Personal Trainer (PT) again. OMG! It was so hard! But I felt good afterwards though. I have never thought I could do a 25kg pull down before. When I was at the gym, I looked around & no one was overweight. Sometimes I wonder why they still work really hard at the gym when they already have a six pack stomach. Some of the girls can be in a youknowwhat magazine spread.

I even chatted with one of the girls & she said she exercises twice a day! Her statement really motivates me to do more exercise.

This post is supposedly about my review of Oishii Japanese restaurant in Civic not about me rambling around the bush. But anyway, doesn’t matter I suppose.

I have decided that this year I won’t be bother to hang out with people whom I only do small talk with. I’ll spend more quality time with the friends that I care about & enjoy more time with The Husband.

So, today I went to see one of my precious girlfriends at Oishii. Time always flies every time I meet her & I always wish we can chat a bit longer. We make a promise to catch up at least once a month.

The ambience at Oishii was nice. It felt like an expensive restaurant for some reason. Maybe the dark wooden wood creates that feeling.



The menu was not so good & not really helpful with some Japanese & Korean words but no pictures. It has English explanation but for visual people, it’s hard to digest.


The service was standard for the rest of Australia but good for Canberra’s standard. I think Canberra service industry people are not really doing service. Don’t let me start with the shop assistants! Awful. Except at the Aesop store that always excellent. I’m just wondering sometimes, maybe the shops in Canberra centre have requirements that you need to be grumpy to get a job. Too bad my brother in-law is a genius who works in Silicon Valley with robots & stuff otherwise he’ll be good as the face of Canberra’s service industry because he’s the grumpiest person that I’ve met so far.

The food was okay. It’s nice but nothing stands out.

I ordered Agedashi Tofu for starter.


My girlfriend & I ordered Korean beef & Seafood soup for mains.



It came with some Korean side dishes (& they didn’t even bother to explained what they were).


This is my second time coming here so my summary is it’s okay, but if I have the choice, Iori & Coo are still better.

When I got back home, I went to the pool again. I saw the same people that I met yesterday. A threesome couple (well.. sorry to make judgement Mr Threesome, I don’t know you but it’s just my assumption).

Well assumption based on observation. Yesterday, I saw this guy kissing a girl & massaging her. She was with a girlfriend then not long after, he massaged the other girl & kissed her as well. Today Mr Threesome was there again with the two girlfriends.

After my swimming at the apartment, The Husband & I went to the swimming pool in Cisac. I did about 300 meters of laps & my legs feel so sore from this morning’s PT.

We ate leftovers for dinner, watching a DVD & The Husband made me a chocolate cake.

Just a perfect cake, so heavenly moist to end a perfect day 🙂



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