Food Diary – 8 Jan 2013 (Pancake, Salmon & Mashed Potato)

My day started with nice pancakes made by The Husband. He said it was easy to make it.

Stir these ingredients until smooth, let it sit for a few minutes & fry it in a pan with very little oil.
1 cup of milk
1 cup of flour
1 egg


He also beat some cream & we ate it with the jam that I bought at the Maggie Beer Farm in South Australia.


This what it looked like on my plate


The weather was really hot in Canberra today. It reached 38 degrees and was very windy. I went to the pool & there were so many leaves in it from the wind. Yet, it was a nice day again to enjoy the pool in Summer.


Last year I ordered these shoes from Etsy in July. When I got them they were too big. So I returned them and the seller sent me another size that just finally arrived today. I’m happy with the size now & the shoes are comfortable.


For dinner, I made baked Salmon & mashed potato.

To make life easier, I marinated the Salmon with Korean sauce for about 30 min.


And then baked it at 180 degrees for 25 min.


I wasn’t very confident in making the mashed potato because this is one of The Husband’s specialties. I think he makes really good mashed potatoes.

This is my version of mashed potato:
6 washed potato peeled & steamed
Salt & pepper to taste
Vegetarian stock to taste
1 table spoon of butter
2 table spoon sour cream
Some milk


It came out nice & went well with the baked Salmon in Bulgogi sauce.



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