Food Diary – 7 Jan 2013 (Mussels in Chili Tomato Sauce)

Today I feel sad about what has happened in Tasmania. Around 100 houses burnt down in the bush fire. I think it’s a bit unfair that I am enjoying summer by the pool & thinking what to cook for dinner while some of my fellow Australians don’t have their pool & kitchen anymore.

Somehow also I am glad that the local government as well as federal government are giving as much assistance as they can to the victims of the bush fire.

The news had been devastating today but I can seek refuge in cooking I guess..

Yesterday, I bought a kg of mussels at Fyshwick market. It was on sale & cost me only $4 for what I was cooking tonight.

I have never cooked mussels before. It just never crossed my mind to cook something that looked difficult.

So, since I bought it, I had to cook it somehow, right?

I got this recipe for Mussels in Chili Tomato sauce from


This is the link for the website if you’re interested.

I have to admit that I’m not good at following recipes, so I didn’t follow the recipe strictly.

For example, I used 4 chili without removing the seeds so it’ll have a bit more kick to it, I didn’t cut the tomato but blended all the ingredients together in a big blender so it’s quicker, and I put stuff in as I felt like it according to my taste.

Well, it turned out really well! The Husband also agreed that it tasted great!


We had the Mussels accompanied with the Rosé that we bought at Yalumba in Barossa valley. It turned great meal to a perfect one.



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