Food Diary – 6 Jan 2013 (Indian curry from a box)

I promised The Husband yesterday that we’re not going to do anything today. So it’s all about relaxing at home & enjoying Sunday at 38 degrees heat in Canberra.

True to my words, we slept in. I was still in my dream land when I talked to the Brother in law & wished him a safe journey back to the States at 11 am!

When I woke up, I went to the pool downstairs & was a bit surprised to see more than 2 people there. The water of the pool was still cold but because the weather was gorgeously hot, it was perfect then.

For lunch, I found this Indian meal & Assam curry in my pantry & heated it up for about two minutes.



This is the food inside the package:

This is the Indian curry


This is the vegetarian fish fillet. When I first met The Husband, the idea of vegetarian food was unimaginable.


This what was on my plate for lunch


In the afternoon, I went to Fyshwick market. The market has a sale on every Sunday starting from 4.30 pm. I got cooked prawns for $15 a kg, Salmon & mussels were all half price. I bought too much stuff but at least I won’t need to do groceries shopping until next week.

For dinner, I made creamy pasta. I like to put chili in my pasta. So it’s not from a particular recipe or something, just my own translation of an Italian meal.


I also put Tuna in it


This is the pasta that I bought. Only needs 5 minutes to cook!


I mixed the sauté onions, chili & spring onions with the cooked pasta & add some cream. Let it simmer (in my electric wok, took about a minute) & pasta was done.


This was what on my plate for dinner



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