Food Diary – 4 Jan 2013 (Korean pancake)

Today was a very relaxing day for me. The weather was really hot & just perfect for my standard. I even went swimming at our apartment’s swimming pool.

For dinner I made Korean savory pancake. My Korean girlfriend taught me how to do it & it was really easy.

All I needed was Korean flour from the Asian shop & put anything I want in the mixture. I had left over baked potato, chilli, Asian greens & half an onion so that’s what I put in.


I cut the veggies before putting it in the mixture


I put the flour in a bowl and put water & 1 egg. Mix it until smooth.


Then put the cut veggies in the flour mixture


Fried it with little oil. I used around 3 table spoons of olive oil in a non stick wok until the pancake cooked.

I served it with Asian style salad – half Spanish onion, tomatoes, cucumber, celery sticks & put salt, pepper & lemon juice to taste with a pinch of sugar.


This is what it looked like in my dinner plate:


Accompanied by Wolf Blass’ red moscato from Barossa Valley & it was perfect for a really warm day.



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