Food Diary – 3 Jan 2013 (Easiest Summer Pasta!!)

Today The Husband, Brother in-law & I went to see The Hobbit. It’s not my kind of movie, nevertheless quite interesting to watch.

Before movie, we had dinner & I made the easiest pasta ever. The Husband’s aunt, Chris, taught me when we came & visited her in Sydney sometime ago.

I only needed 3 ingredients to make this plus optional stuff to put in.

This are the 3 ingredients:


The steps are so easy as well:
1. Cook the pasta until al dente (around 12 min)
2. While cooking pasta, peel & chop onions & sauté until it changes colour (use another frying pan/wok). Put in veggies or canned Tuna if you want. I put frozen peas.
3. Once the pasta is cooked, drain it & mix with with no.2. Put in the Pesto to taste, add pepper & stir some more.

So it took me around 15 min to make this dish.

The end result with salad was:


After the movie, we caught up with some friends because two of them are moving back to Melbourne. I’m happy for them & surely this is only a temporary good bye.

Btw, Summernats started today. I spotted some interesting cars around.




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