Food Diary – 2 Jan 2013 (Baked potato with Spinach & Cheese topping)

First day after the holiday. I had a very busy day. In fact I couldn’t sleep until 4.30 am in the morning just because I had a cup of cappuccino in Melbourne.

So, in order to fill my sleepless night, I washed all the laundry from our holiday, cleaned the kitchen, folded the clothes, learned a new make up technique from YouTube, read & finished a novel & browsed for Ukulele tutorials online.

Lucky I can sleep until 9 am!! I had to do some errands. Like shopping for the evening meal & go to my GP in Belconnen. It took me more than 2 hours queuing just for a referral! Certainly Canberra is not a good place if you are sick!!

Cooking was indeed relaxing when I don’t feel pressured in doing it. The Brother in-Law is in town only for another week & we want to catch up with him as much as we can. So we invited him to come over for dinner at our place tonight.

The food that I made was from an old vegetarian book that has been passed on through The Husband’s family.

For entree I made avocado from this recipe:


This is the photo of the food from the book:


This is my version of it:

It’s mind boggling how the photo from the book always look so perfect & after came out from my kitchen it’s not as good.

This is like me wearing push up bra so it’ll seem that I have a size bigger but in reality, it’s not like that.

Well, I guess if the photo doesn’t look good, people won’t try the recipe.

For main I tried to make baked potato with spinach & cheese.




This is my version of the recipe. Doesn’t look as good but The Husband & his Brother said it was yummy.


On a plate it look like this:


For dessert I made pavlova topped with grapes & fairy floss. I think I fail on this one because I used thickened cream instead just cream. Ah well.. it was still eatable 🙂


My verdict: the recipe was good! & I made baked potatoes for the first time in my life!


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