Food Diary – 1 Jan 2013 (Depot De Pain)

In 2012 I wrote 216 blog posts according to my WordPress report. Most of them are on my Style File project where I took photos of what I was wearing just to check how many clothes I had.

Well the blog lasted for 5 months. It means that I had 5 months worth of clothes at that time. Now of course I bought some more but sold & gave away some as well.

So this year, I want to make it about food. I don’t know for how long. Let’s just see how I go.

Basically it’s my food diary. I’ll try to cook more but if I’m not, then I’ll post the most interesting food for the day.

Today, The Husband & I went back to Canberra but we went to Depot De Pain in Melbourne before heading back home.

The ambiance:




Menu & food:






Verdict: worth a visit. Food were nice. Service was a bit slow, but it was a public holiday.

We also went to Milawa cheese factory for lunch.

Cheese platter & drinks:




Verdict: a must to visit if you drive to Melbourne. Service was nice.


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