Boxing Day Sale 2012 at Rundle Mall in Adelaide

I love Boxing Day! When I first came to Australia, I didn’t know what it was. Then I found out that there was a yearly big sale after Christmas day where Australians (mostly females with their bored looking partners) flock to the shopping centres & find the best deals of the year. I became a Boxing Day sale fan as soon as I knew what it meant! 😃

So far, I have been experiencing Boxing Day sale in Canberra, Melbourne & Sydney.

In 2012 (this year), The Husband & I are in South Australia for our end of year holiday.

So on the 26th of December 2012, I spent the Boxing Day sale at Rundle mall in Adelaide.

Rundle mall is not a mall with one big building & heaps of shops in it. It’s like a street & you need to go to the individual stores along the street. I like it because if the weather is good, it feels less claustrophobic than in a big mall. If the weather is bad, it’ll be a nuisance.

On the radio they advertised that Rundle mall opens at 11 am. We went there at around 9.30 am & had breakfast & I read my book. I have been reading one or two books a day for this trip. Thanks to my new iPad mini, now I even read my book while waiting in line for trying on clothes & to pay at the cashier!

At 10.55 am, I started the quest. There were people already waiting in front of their favorite shops.



I went to almost every shop in Rundle Mall just to check out on pricing, try on clothes & enjoy the crowds.

This is what I observe on the day:
– I found out that almost every shop put their sale items at the front of the shop.

– Red tags mean a good thing! It is sale item & sometime you get 20-50% off the red tag price as well.

I got a dress from Forever New for $35!! What hurt me was that I bought a dress for Christmas lunch at The Husband’s family for full price from the same shop & it was now down to $35 as well!! Bugger!!


These are some photos that I took for the sale items:




I also got an iPad mini case for $20


– There are a lot of men just hanging around outside the shops, looking bored but know they will score a lot of brownies points if they go along with their partner’s Boxing Day shopping adventure.

Thank you my darling husband!!


– If you are claustrophobic, avoid this day to go shopping!!

This is the photo taken inside JB-Hi Fi


– If you want to just go to the shops with the best deal around, sit in the bench provided by the mall & watch what shopping bags that the passersby carry.

– I saw some interesting things at Rundle mall, like the Harris Scarfe guy who screamed loud with Microphone promoting the sale & dressed almost like Elvis Presley, the Globalize shop has live DJs & Giraffe statue in the shop & pig in the bin statue in the street.




And!! Adelaide fire department was selling $20 Firemen calendar!


At the end of the day, I was only $1 over budget on that day. For $251, I got:


Well… if I deduct the t-Shirt that I bought for The Husband then I’ll be under budget for $25!

I tried on some clothes that I bought on that day (note that hat, shoes & necklace were not new so I didn’t count it in these outfits).



Was it worth it to go to the Boxing Day sale? Oh Yeah!!

After 5 hours shopping, we went to the beach & just chill out. Another great day ended nicely.



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