Buying a Bike in Canberra – Cycle City, Fyshwick

The Husband needs a new bike. He seems to need one every two years and a bit. We live in Canberra city and it takes him maybe around 7 minutes to ride to work every day. He also loves riding around the lake or up mt. Ainslie on the weekend.

His last bike was Avanti. He went around to see bike shops near Lonsdale st. a few days ago & tried on bikes already.

Today, we went to Fyshwick area to try more bikes.

The first stop was Pushy bike shop.


Apparently they have a car parking space at the rear of the shop and The Husband tried on a Giant Cross City 3 bike. The price is $599.


The second stop was at the Cycle City bike shop. We saw the sign that they had 30% off so we went there.


The shop has plenty of parking, in front of the shop & on the side of the shop.



The door to the shop is located on the right side of the shop.


This is the opening hours for Cycle City bike shop in Fyshwick :


The staff who helped us was Ricky. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. He seems to understand a lot of things about bikes. Apparently he was on a Lotte bike commercial in Jakarta & did a lot of BMX bike stunts in Japan & Indonesia.


The shop is huge!



The price of the bikes look reasonable good after the 30% off!


The Husband decided to get this one.


They also have a 14.5″ frame for short people like me! 🙂

Ricky said he’ll put aside the bike for me to try on sometime next week when I come in without my high heels. He didn’t recommend me wearing one while riding a bike as well! 😉


The Husband also get a bag for his bike tools.


Good experience indeed & as a person who doesn’t understand about bikes, I recommend this shop just because the staffs know the stuff that I don’t know.


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