Restaurant – Lark Hill near Canberra

We went for lunch at Lark Hill restaurant with my besties and their family to celebrate The Husband’s birthday.

It was on a Saturday in lovely Spring weather so it was nice to go somewhere out of town.

Lark Hill is a winery and it has a restaurant within the premises.

I booked it by leaving a voice message on the phone. Someone from the restaurant called me back to confirm the booking.

If we book for 10 people & more, we have to order set menus. It costs $75 pp.

It was only 8 adults for this occasion so we can just ordered ala carte. I think this is a cheaper option somehow.

Lunch on Saturday is from 12 – 3 pm.


It was a good 30ish minutes drive from our home in Braddon (city centre). We didn’t have any trouble in finding the place and there were plenty of parking spaces.


I love the relaxed ambience of this restaurant. We could see the winery and children could run around outside collecting pine cones.


They put flowers in old boots on the steps. So cute!


The food & drinks:

We only had mains and dessert. It was all really nice. I had too much fun talking with my friends and didn’t take as many photos as I should.

Everyone has bread & truffle butter to share to start with. The butter was delicious & the bread was nice.

I had this lovely chicken with sweet potato purée for main. The side was leafy mixed salad and it was yummy as well.


The adults were happy about the food.

I don’t think they have good menus for children though. They didn’t have chips or things that (maybe) almost all children like.

I had a free rosé for check in on Foursquare!! Yay! I am just so happy every time I get a deal from Foursquare because I check in all the time 🙂


They didn’t have original coca cola (only diet coke) and juices when we went there.

The bill came up for $500 for 8 adults and 3 children. So it was well priced for $125 per family. We didn’t have entrée, only mains, dessert & coffees.

We had lovely time there. So nice to share good food in a good place with our good friends.


The birthday boy was so happy as well 🙂


Definitely worth the drive & I’ll be back again.


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