Restaurant – Courgette in Canberra

Canberra has many new restaurants. I like to go and try as many as I can on special occasions.

Courgette is not considered as a new restaurant for me. I have heard about Courgette a long time ago. Many friends said it was excellent.

For The Husband’s birthday this year, we went here for dinner.

I booked a table for four (we went with my father in law & his girl friend) from their website.

This restaurant has one hat.

My two cents are:

Right in the heart of Canberra city on Marcus Clarke street. There is a parking for the restaurant up the ramp before the restaurant.

We got confused and had to go around to try to make sense of it.

The ambiance was nice & romantic but too dark for photos. My new iPhone5 couldn’t capture the image well. We had to put the torch app on other iPhone in order to take photo of the food. Maybe if you get a proper camera it’ll work (but who does these days?).

Note for special occasion:
For me it’s not a birthday if I don’t blow candles. They don’t do candles and apparently the chef wasn’t really happy to do some sort of birthday thingy.

Lucky I called in advance to check about this and they said I can bring my own candles & they can put it on the birthday person’s dessert.


The Food:

They have a set four course menu for $75 pp.

The restaurant is a BYO (we can bring our own wine) with corkage $9 per bottle.

My dad-in-law was so organised & printed out the menu and worked out what he wants in advance. But apparently the menu on the website & their actual menu was different!

The Husband ordered this vegetarian dish. He thinks it was okay.


This is the worst meal that I have ever had in a one hat restaurant. Who gave the hat anyway?

It’s a deer (I forgot the fancy name) and it was too raw & bloody. I couldn’t stomach it so did the father-in-law’s girlfriend.

Maybe we should’ve returned it back to the kitchen but I guess we didn’t want to be fussy.


I forgot what is this one. So it was okay.


I couldn’t remember this dish either.


This one is the best in my four course menu. I had to put the chocolate inside the mug and it melted. Taste so lovely when it mixed.



Nice but I won’t be coming back.


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