Travel Note – 16 August 2012 (Basilica Sacre Coeur & Moulin Rouge)

We caught a train back to Paris from Nice. The trip took around 6 hours. We paid around €350 for the first class train. But when we talked with the lady who sat across us in the train, she said she only paid less than €100 for her and her son. She bought it online a week before the departure. We bought it around the same time at the ticket machine in the train station.

We were back in Paris by 3.30 pm and stayed in Hotel 29 Le Pic (around €130) in Montmartre area, around 200 m from the Moulin Rouge theatre. The hotel has a cute design & a lift. This was a relief after the experience in carrying our bags ups & down three flights in Nice.

So something to remember in the future is to check whether the hotel has a lift or not. But sometime because we are restricted by our hotel budget, this is unavoidable. Somehow the rules seemed to be if we’re paying around €250 a night then we can expect lift but below that, depends on the area, we get as good as what we pay for according to the area standard.


There are so many sex shops and peep
show shops near our hotel. There was also a museum of sex nearby. I wasn’t interested to even go to one of the shops because we have so many of these kind of shops around in Fyshwick area of Canberra.

This is a male undies taken from the window display of one of the shops near our hotel.



I thought this picture from the souvenir shop near our hotel about “what’s on a man’s mind” amusing


We decided to take a tourist train to go around Montmartre area including the Sacre Coeur church.



The train runs every half an hour from the small park across Moulin Rouge.

While waiting for the train, I bought a kebab from the shop nearby. It was interesting because the kebab didn’t use Lebanese bread as in Australia but use a small baguette stuffed with kebab meat instead.


The amazing views of the Sacre Coeur basilica:



We bought the tickets from the ticket machine to go up to the dome of the church also to the crypt. It’s always better to buy tickets from the machine because normally the queue at the ticket counter is longer.



The view from the Dome:




We can see a lot of statues of Jesus Christ, Christian saints and prominent figures at the crypt:




I saw a bride at the Sacre Coeur church:


Then we had a nap while waiting for the Moulin Rouge show at 11 pm. We tried to book the 9 pm show but it was fully booked.

After reading some reviews on foursquare which most people gave negative reviews of the Moulin Rouge show, we were wondering whether is it worth it?

We decided to booked and paid the hefty price of €105 pp anyway just because we were in Paris already and after watching Lido show now we can compare.

So, is it worth it to watch Moulin Rouge?

Answer: Yes, it was an experience for sure

But if we only had one choice whether to watch Lido or Moulin Rouge, we would prefer the Lido show.

At Moulin Rouge:
– We got good seats on the first row from the stage, we can see the dancers (and their undies) up close.

– Dancers were not dancing coordinated! Some seemed to forget the moves until too it was too late and new moves started.

– Amazing costumes but so does the other shows.

– The tickets booking system were confusing. We called and they didn’t give us any booking number or anything. Once we arrived there at around 10.30 pm, we had to queue with the others including the one who bought the tickets in advance and people who arrived in a limo.


– The queue was long and windy. Many people came and confused because they thought with tickets in hand they don’t have to queue anymore. Clearly it was not the case!

– The most interesting part of the show was when a dancer dive in a tank of snakes!! One snake was almost got out and the security guy had to put him back to the tank.

Well.. we enjoyed the show, met new people on the table and had a good time.



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