Travel Note – 15 August 2012 (Beach day in Nice)

Today was our beach day. I stayed at our rental chairs at Sporting Plage from 9.30ish until 6.30 pm. It was a lovely day and I love people watching here.

We paid €44 for 2 beach chairs, 1 umbrella and 1 towel. No drinks and food allowed. We end up spending almost €100 in total (incl. drinks & pizza) for a beach day. Made me appreciate more about Australian beaches & beach life style.





We decided to go for the more expensive option by renting the spot instead of going to the free spot and have to buy beach equipments because we were there for only one day. If we were there more than 2 days, it’ll be worth it and cheaper to go to the free beach.

It is necessary to have these things if you want to go to the free beach:

1. Cushioned pad – costs for 2 : €10

This is to put on top of the rocks and below your towel. We tried to lay the towel only on the rocks and it was painful to even sit down on it!

The model below seems to be more popular because it’s easy to carry.


This model is bigger but cheaper.


2. Towels. Cost for 2: free

Bring your own or borrow from the hotel.

3. Rubber or plastic shoes. Cost for 2: € 30.


4. Umbrella. Costs for 2: €15

This will give you some shade. I notice the Europeans don’t really use hats or something to cover their body from sun light. Maybe it’s just us who thinks we need shade.


So if we bought those stuff it’ll costs us €55 while renting costs €44 for a day.

If you have children, you might want to buy one or two of these noodles as well:


It was the most interesting beach day that I have so far. Europeans style in the beach are different from the Australians. Too bad, I could not took photos of all the things below, but words will do the job this time.

– The lady next to me put on her make up again everytime after she had a dip!

– Some girls (most girls) look like they came out from a magazine spread. Channel introduced a new grey-ish nail colour this season so I spotted some wore them.

– Some girls changed their swimming outfit a few times during the day!!!

This girl was two people distance on my left. She wore black in this photo and later changed to brown polka dots bikini. I took this photo because she kept posing in different styles for a freelance photographer who offers her photography business.


I also saw a girl who was wearing a white bikini when I came then she changed in to a pink one then I saw her in a green one in the late arvo.

– Some girls put perfume on before they went for a dip!! Lol! I had a giggle when I saw it.

– These girls were posing like swim suit models and took photos all the time.


– The girls were strutting around with branded bags to the beach. I saw a woman wearing a blue Bottega Vennetta bag which was around €3000-5000.

– I saw a lot of men wearing menkini (a male version of bikini). Some wore white mankini!! I also saw at least one man wearing very tight red speedo with union jack flag on his crotch!!

– There are massage ladies that go around offering their services. It costs €30 for half an hour.

– Drinks are expensive. This is some of the drink prices at Sporting Plage:


– Sometime I saw topless girls in Australian beaches but not many of them. In here they walk around as the way non top less people walk around.

While I was useless on the beach chair, the husband went for a bike ride. We looked up rental bike place earlier.

The costs to rent from Velos bikes are €14 for a day.


These are some of the bikes:


At the end he opted for a cheaper option by using a shared bike. It costs him €1. I asked him to write about this in my blog when he had time. At this stage, all I know is he had to register online and gave his credit card details. They will send him an email/text confirmation then he can go to the bike station and get a bike from there.

For brunch we had pastries in a corner shop from the Sporting Plage.



Finally a French toast in France!


After the beach we went back to the hotel and brought our dirty laundry to the laundry place about 2 blocks from our hotel.




This is a good machine because we don’t need to buy soap. It’s all done automatically.


If you plan to do self operated laundry machines, check until what time it was opened. We almost got locked up inside the laundry place!

We went there at around 8.15 pm. It took 45 minutes to wash the clothes and 15 minutes to dry them. The door was automatically shuts at 9.30 pm. Luckily they have a button that we can press to get out.

While waiting for the laundry to finish, we had a bite at this place next to the laundry place.

The waiter (maybe owner as well) was really nice!!




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