Travel Note – 14 August 2012 (Nice-Monaco-Cannes)

Today was our first day in Nice. We still had the rental car & went for a drive to Menton, Monaco and Cannes. It was a nice warm day.

In the morning we went for a walk along the beach to check what it was like. I was surprised to see the famous Nice beach was full of rocks!

There were many private beach operators along the beach that provide umbrellas, chairs & towel rental along the beach.

This was taken at Lido plage:


Pricing varies between one operator to the other but not much.


We went to the Nice market to get some Mirabelles (my favorite fruit), cheese & bread to take for a picnic. These are some photos of things they sell at the market:







According to some web recommendation, I checked out Arrato costume jewellery shop in Nice. It is located next to Mirador restaurant at rue Masssena in the main shopping walk. It was an interesting experience indeed.

1. When you go to the shop, take the ticket from the ticket machine located on the left entrance.


2. Browse for the jewellery that you want and take a mental note of it. The display windows are organised based on colours.


3. Wait until your number come up on the screen and approach the sales assistant. Tell her what you want by showing them on the display window. Some of the items are the only one left on the display.


It was a good stop for a gift other than touristic stuff (i.e key rings, tea towels, etc). I don’t think the stuff from this shop will last long though. The quality is as the price that you pay for it. If I wasn’t desperate due to lack of time, I won’t bother.

We drove along the Grand Corniche to Menton, then to Monaco. It was interesting to see the country.

First of all the property price was really expensive here. We passed a real estate agent and saw a house for sale for 42 million Euros!! I took photo of the “cheaper” ones for 3 million Euro.


– In case some people didn’t realise, Monaco & Indonesia have the same flag colour. I feel strange to see Indonesian flags everywhere in Europe. Since Monaco declared their independence much earlier than 1945 (Indonesia’s Independence day) so maybe the Indonesians national heroes who tore the blue part of the Dutch flag didn’t realise that red & white flag has been taken. Well.. there was no google at that time 🙂


– The price of goods are not cheap at all!


– There were photos of the Prince and his wife in every cafes and shops that we went.


– The view of the country were amazing!




From Monaco, we went to Cannes. We got stuck in traffic for a long time. So we just drive through Cannes and I took these photos from the car:


This is in front of the movie theatre in Cannes.



By 7 pm we were back in Nice and went for a dip in the beach.


We had a late dinner at an Italian restaurant called Barracuda. The food were nice and the service was also surprisingly nice-ish for French standard.





That concludes our day.

These are some random photos that I took on the street of Nice.

I was surprised to see they sell condoms on the side road here.


Some funny signs from a gift shop:



Oh… one more thing, the price of petrol is more expensive in Europe than Australia:



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