Travel Note – 7 August 2012 (Shopping & LIDO)

Today is our second full day in Paris. My highlight for today was watching the LIDO show in Champs Élysées.

This is how we spent 2nd day in this gorgeous city:

– La Valle village shopping experience

I love shopping if there is a good deal. So given the chance to go shopping by my self while the Husband rides a bike around Paris by himself, I chose to go to La Valle village factory outlet about 1 hour away from the city centre.

I read some mixed reviews about the place but if I didn’t experience my self, I’m not happy.

Some notes about shopping here:
1. Take the shuttle bus.

Taking the train and walk to the place was confusing, more expensive (especially when you get lost like I did), and wastes time.

But if you insist to do like what I did, get off here


Then go past the mall and follow the signs:


keep going and follow more signs


You won’t miss the gate 🙂


Some photos of the shopping village:






2. I love shopping for bargain. This place bored me because there were not many bargains around. Factory outlets shopping in Italy & USA are much better in price as well as collection.

I only bought 2 Armani shirts for the husband. Each for €105.


I also bought some stockings from Wolford. Other than that nothing is really interest me.

I took a shuttle bus back to Paris for €15. Met an Australian couple from Adelaide on the bus who has been to Paris so many times but said they have no reasons to visit Canberra. 🙂

The couple told me to go to the best pastry place in Paris called Angelina. I went there and it was really good!





– In the evening the Husband & I went to see the show at Lido in Champs Élysées. It made my day!!

The show was so good! I love the songs, the Bluebell girls are so pretty and I was a bit surprised that they have real tits! Too bad I couldn’t take any photos. The costumes are so good!

The show costs €105 including champagne.


I managed to take a photo of the lead singer then I was told off by the security


The show clearly made my day! J’taime Paris!


Today I was wearing my LBD and the new Louis Vuitton wallet as a clutch to go to Lido show.

This photo was taken in front of LV shop in Champs Élysées.



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